Text & Canon Conference

October 25-26, 2019 – Atlanta, GA

by His singular care and providence kept pure in all ages


Jeffrey T. Riddle has served as Pastor of Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Louisa, Virginia since 2010. Riddle is a native of South Carolina and a graduate of Wake Forest University, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Union Presbyterian Seminary. He has served in ordained pastoral ministry in Virginia since 1992. Riddle regularly blogs at stylos (jeffriddle.net) and has an occasional podcast called Word Magazine. He has been happily married to his wife Llewellyn for over 30 years and is father to five children.

Robert Truelove has served as the senior pastor of Christ Reformed Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia since 2007. Before entering into full time ministry he served five years as the Director of Software & Internet Development for Larry Burkett at Christian Financial Concepts. His blog is online at roberttruelove.com and he produces the Resisting The Downgrade vlog on YouTube. He has also been happily married to Patricia for 25 years and has four children.



Session One: 1:30-5PM

Check-in 1:30PM

Message 1: Robert Truelove: The Failure(s) of Modern Textual Criticism: Teleology, Epistemology, Orthodoxy

Message 2: Jeff Riddle: The New Testament Text, From the Apostles to the Reformation

(Short break)

Message 3: Jeff Riddle:  The New Testament Text: From the Reformation to the Critical Text


Session Two: 7-9:30PM

Message 5: Jonathan Arnold, The Work of the Trinitarian Bible Society

Message 6: Jeff Riddle, The New Testament Text: From the Critical Text to the Postmodern Text

Message 7: Robert Truelove, Text and Canon, The Canonical Argument for the Received Text



Session Three: 9:00AM—12:30PM

Message 8: Jeff Riddle, The Case for the Confessional Text

Message 9: Robert Truelove, The Difference Between What We are Confessing and KJV-Onlyism

(Short Break)



Fairfield Inn & Suites

Country Inn & Suites

Courtyard by Marriott

The Text and Canon Conference will be held at:

Christ Reformed Church
2209 Sunny Hill Rd
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Check-in is 1:30PM on Friday, October 25th and the first message will start around 2:00PM.